We are the future. We are Europe. Deal with it.

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We are Europe.

I still kinda don’t realize Brexit and I feel emotional about the possible consequences.

We are Europe

We are Europe

And I still don’t think Brexit it’s going to see an end, I hope some kind of “trick” will pop up and will take Europe (more or less) back to where it was the 23rd (Brexit campaign excluded).

It’s sad tho. I’m sad because it might lead to serious issues to the whole EU project and (mostly) poses severe questions whether democracy is still something truly valuable and should be used such occasions. But that’s not why I feel like writing this, today.

You see, pretty much everything that could have been said about Brexit has been said. I just want to point out what’s very important to me in all this. The vote reprentation by age clearly shows what we, youngers, believe in. We are not just italians, french, polish or english citizens anymore. We are European. We are Europe. Europe is our future, is our Country, the one I want to live in. It might not be the EU institution to lead it but we know, we deeply know that we all belong to the same mosaiquesque country. We youngs, We are Europe. English included.

London is Europe. Deal with it.

We are Europe

I still think EU made some terrible mistakes and the way they behave towards certain countries is just wrong (UK included). And how Brussels’ institutions feel (suffer) the influence of just a part of Europe is dramatic. I think we need to change, in order to survive. I’m not denying it, lately you might have been tempted to say: you know what? Screw you and your regulations. That happens.

Yet, charge on Europe mistakes the European Institutions did it’s like blaming the F1 car because the pilot is unable to drive it.

I still think we can fix it. We’ve seen that just a part of the United Kingdom feels like it’s leaving and it’s made of the ones that will have to live less with the decision they made (with its benefits and drowbacks).

Real Politics, stand up.

Together we are united. Together we are stronger. Together we are a country. Together we are Europe. Deal with it.


We are Europe

We are Europe

PS: (I still think the better way to design a parliament nowadays is to make a chamber for the youngers and one for the elders – and they have already one – at least in Italy)

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