Lo ha detto lui eh! Lord in UK:”Gli inglesi? So bloody stupid. Gli intelligenti sono fuori. L’immigrazione serve!”

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Che spottone che dà Lord Kerr of Kinlochard alla Brexit, involontariamente. Il nobiluomo pro-UE dice che gli inglesi sono “so bloody stupid” (così cavolosamente stupidi) che l’immigrazione è necessaria! “Senza immigrazione di gente giovane, intelligente, con voglia di lavorare, qui andiamo tutti a fondo”.

Hai capito il gentleman britannico?

“We native Brits are so bloody stupid that we need an injection of intelligent people, young people from outside who come in and wake us up from time to time.”

It’s completely true that the Leave campaign, by cleverly outsourcing the xenophobia and the racism to the Farage campaign, were able to salve their consciences it seems by pinning [David] Cameron to the fact that we would only take back control when we left.

”But supposing we did stop all the immigration from the EU, we would not have met Mr Cameron’s target – he would have done a lot of damage to the country if he had met it, but it was in his power to meet it by stopping immigration from outside the EU.

“So the premise of the argument about immigration was false.”

In response to the remarks, Eurosceptic Tory MP Peter Lilley walked out of the event, and said he had considered reporting the peer to police for hate speech and being “racially abusive of the British people”.

La dichiarazione ha sollevato un polverone enorme, di cui tutti i tabloid inglesi rendono conto (LINK).

Gli step per lasciare l’Europa intanto saranno i seguenti e nemmeno il primo è stato fatto.

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